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This is the main domain of Lee, a 28 year old Canadian female. She is a NAIT Bachelor of Business Administration graduate, and works for a consulting firm. She also maintains many websites most notably the largest and most frequently updated Ray Toro fansite on the internet,

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site & name history

I first started this site by registering my domain at, then I went to angelcities for hosting, but they went they way of geocities, tripod and angelfire with banner ads.

Next, I went to envy where I used to have some of my sites hosted. After this I decided to not renew my domain and then I went to, but they decided to discontinue their free webhosting service so I looked for a new host.

Now since moving from and from, I had all my sites hosted at thanks to Tara-Chan.

In August 2005, I bought the domain from Dreamhost, to host all of my websites and fanlistings.

ALL THAT YOU ARE... four simple english words... allright for many years now I have loved Econoline Crush, and my favourite song of all was 'All That You Are'. So therefore I used that name for my collective. Because this is all that we are, well atleast all that I am :D

VIOLESCENT: Tending to a violet color; violascent.
Truthfully, I love the way that violet, viole, etc look (both written and in real life) and I love purple and all it's shades. So when picking a domain name I either wanted or Nox was taken, but I am happy with violescent.