Sheryl Crow @ Rexall Place

Well I hate to say it, but the best thing I took away from this performance was the navy t-shirt from the merch table.

I was not impressed at all with Sheryl’s performance. First off she could barely walk in the high heels she was wearing, which made her look like she was walking around drugged or drunk. The sound was atrocious. They blasted it trying to fill the not-even-close-to-a-sellout-crowd-in-the-arena. It was just horrible! Add to that, Sheryl tried within the first two songs to get crowd interaction. Wrong! You need to build up your bond with the crowd before you can ask things of them. Plus when you have a less than stellar opening band you have to work extra hard to earn the $60-$100 ticket price.


Flo Mounier @ Bar Wild

Flo Mounier Drum Clinic TicketOn Thursday I went along with my step-dad and his brother to see Flo Mounier hold a drum clinic. The venue was pretty nice, and I wouldn”t mind going back for more functions and I liked the set up. Back to the clinic, Flo is just amazing. He is crazy fast, and really super talented. Admittedly he needs to do a bit more work on his stage presence and public speaking, but other than that he did rather well. The one super drunk fan up front really loved him, no matter what he did though 😛