Muse @ Rexall Place

Long time no review, but I have come back with a new concert review for you all! I have never seen Muse live before in my life, but they were definitely one of my favourite bands to listen to. This show has moved them from one of my favourites to listen to, to the best show of my life! The crowd was warned by opener, Silversun Pickups that we should hold onto the back of our heads because our minds were about to be “f’in blown away”. We were not disappointed at all. The three beautiful columns on stage projected images of people moving along stairs, always going upward forever. Then people started falling off the stairs and plummeting down to their doom, the cover sheets drop to reveal Matt, Dom and Chris (l-to-r) one on each column. Continue reading


Nine Inch Nails @ Rexall Place

Let’s start off with this, I want to honestly have one night with Trent Reznor, and not at all in a sexual way. Not to say that he is not attractive, but his mind and soul are so much more attractive and appealing that I would love to just sit with him for a night and chat about random crap that would pop up into our heads, and argue about religion, politics, etc. Now Alessandro Cortini on the other hand, I would definitely want a night of sex… or even just cuddling if I could get it 😀

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