Lost by Gregory Maguire

Lost by Gregory Maguire
I picked this book up as I had heard great things about it’s author, Gregory Maguire and his other works specifically Wicked and Son of a Witch.

Sadly to say I was a bit disappointed. It took ages for the main character and story to get going, the first 100 pages just drag on and on with nothing really important except the obligatory vague back story. Winnie Rudge is a writer who lives in her own characters’ shoes rather than in her own, she is just going through the motions in her own life, and this is how the majority of the book feels. There are very little plot twists and half of what happened I was able to predict before the next chapter started.

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  1. haha Yeah it was a bit of weird cover. The actual cover I have has an old man’s face in the window, and no hand on the cover. I borrowed this one off of Amazon mostly because I was too lazy to scan my copy in. 😀

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