Nine Inch Nails @ Rexall Place

Let’s start off with this, I want to honestly have one night with Trent Reznor, and not at all in a sexual way. Not to say that he is not attractive, but his mind and soul are so much more attractive and appealing that I would love to just sit with him for a night and chat about random crap that would pop up into our heads, and argue about religion, politics, etc. Now Alessandro Cortini on the other hand, I would definitely want a night of sex… or even just cuddling if I could get it 😀

Now onto the review. Merchandise was awesome! I picked up a white Ghosts t-shirt (which I love and have worn out already). I sadly missed Crystal Castles due to the merch lines, but I could hear them. I seem to have a knack for that, but I love my merch and it will always win out over anything! Well except for the headliners, but that’s why I pay the big bucks to see them.

The show was just wow. I did not take photos as I had no camera, but thanks to NIN art director and all around awesome guy, Rob Sheridan, I can post three photos taken at the show.

The light show was just amazing! Truly an interactive set. I honestly got my money’s worth out of this show, and the next time NIN come near my city I will be buying up tickets to bring others and let them see the utter beauty and imagination offered on stage. I wanted to jump on stage and play with the set. The hanging lights, the mesh screens of light, the drumbeat boxes for “Echoplex”, etc. It was an amazing show and I knew every track except for maybe two and that is pretty good considering I’m not really a big fan of anything prior to “With Teeth”.

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  1. Though TR put the band on the map with a beautifully violent stage persona, and an unforgettable romp in the mud at Lollapalooza 1991 (holy shit), the Nine Inch Nails live experience really began with the Fragility tour in 1999-2000. For the Fragility tour, Nine Inch Nails performed in front of a video screen triptych created by video artist Bill Viola .

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