Snow Patrol w/ Ok Go and Silversun Pickups @ Shaw Conference Centre

Snow Patrol w/ Ok Go and Silversun Pickups TicketWell to start off we arrived about halfway through Silversun Pickups‘ set, but we did get to hear their current/big single, Lazy Eye. Some of the banter from the lead singer, Brian to the crowd was at times what could be considered crude, it was funny nonetheless. “There are lots of girls here… I am buying a condo! (at least that is what I heard)… This *points to crowd of girls* is better than any masturbatory fantasy you have ever had”. While they were performing though, Tim Nordwind from Ok Go was doing a striptease backstage that was being broadcast to the crowd on the screen – we loved the gold underpants, they were shiny!

By the end of Ok Go‘s set I was nearly in fits of laughter just from their tribute song for the road crew that had been working with them and the other bands for this entire tour with the dance to their track A Million Ways. Absolutely beautiful the way that they all moved so fluidly to express their appreciation to the crew, so much that they even were able to salute and bow to the crew. The rest of the set was excellent, but sadly I do not know their album well enough to tell you all the songs they performed, but these are the ones that I remembered:

Do What You Want
Oh Lately It’s So Quiet
Here it Goes Again
A Good Idea At The Time
The House Wins
Television, Television

Snow Patrol came on and started with a long intro of Spitting Games, followed by It’s Beginning to Get To Me. The lead singer, Gary Lightbody then commented on how Edmonton was the best stop on the tour so far and how Ok Go was a “tough act to follow because [they] can’t dance at all”. Then they went into Chocolate and Headlights on Dark Roads which was dedicated to we Canadians who unknowingly brave the cold and crazy weather that was currently around us (and as Gary said the only way he would go out in this would be covered in goose fat), and How to Be Dead.

During their U.S. hit single, Chasing Cars I was frantically dialing my coworker to share in the experience since this was her favourite song. Next were Shut Your Eyes, and Set the Fire to The Third Bar where Nikki Monninger from Silversun Pickups joined Gary on stage to perform the duet with him in place of Martha Wainwright who was featured on the album. Well unbeknownst to the band and the crowd, halfway through the song flame handlers came out. They rubbed the flames against their bare inner arms, and then proceeded to spit the fire and finally eating the flame to snuff it out.

Next they played my favourite track, Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking where Gary made everyone restart as he was trying to play in tune tonight for once. The rest of the set went as follows: Make This Go On Forever (if any song could make me almost want to join a choir it would be this one), Ways & Means, Run (my cousin Tessa’s favourite track), and closing out with You’re All I Have.

Snow Patrol Handout From SONIC 102.9The crowd was wildly clapping at the end of the show, we were on our feet calling for more and after a few minutes of steady cheering, Snow Patrol came back out for an encore with The Finish Line, Open Your Eyes, and during Hands Open they were joined by all the members of Ok Go and Silversun Pickups. Once more a standing ovation from the crowd of 4500+ and they stood all together and gave the last stop on their tour a bow and applauded to us.

Spitting Games
It’s Beginning to Get To Me
Headlights on Dark Roads
How To Be Dead
Chasing Cars
Shut Your Eyes
Set the Fire to The Third Bar
Somewhere a Clock is Ticking
Make This Go On Forever
Ways & Means
You’re All I Have

The Finish Line
Open Your Eyes
Hands Open

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