Saw IIIWell here is my first movie review and what a doozy 😀 Well October 26 I was at a Saw movie Marathon with my friend, Poppy and we sat through the first two Saw movies and finally the one we had paid the money for Saw III, and by the time we got out of the theatres it was almost 1AM and we had school and work the next day.

Anyways, the movie delivered on it’s promise of blood and gore and we danced the happy dance of gore!

The tests were harder and more of a push on our morality and humanity. This time around John/Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) is dying and is bedridden, while his loyal apprentice, Amanda (Shawnee Smith) has been given the duty of collecting and testing their new subjects. But unlike John she is not allowing them to escape as easily or in some cases at all. She wants them to truly earn their freedom and be reborn like she was when she was tested.

The movie starts with Amanda and Jigsaw’s newest victim, a man by the name of Troy (J. LaRose) who wakes up in what looks like a classroom, but he is chained to the room itself through his lip, ankles, arms, hands, shoulders, sides, etc. He has very little time to get free, a few minutes to be exact. He must pull himself free of all the chains and then exit the room before the bomb in front of him goes off, but while you think he might have been able to free himself there is one chain left and not enough time. Even if he had removed the chain there was no chance of escape since the Police needed to use a soldering iron to get in the door that was welded shut.

The movie continues onto the Detective who was the leading Jigsaw expect, Kerry (Dina Meyer). She is captured and wakes up in a new torture contraption that is connected to her ribcage and the only key is located in a jar of acid in front of her and if she does not get the key in time she will be ripped apart. Sadly, despite all her pain to get the key out of the acid jar the device does not open with the use of the key and rips her open.

After this we get back into the main plot of the story. Amanda kidnaps a brain surgeon from the hospital and takes her to their secret headquarters to save John’s life long enough for their other victim to either die or succeed. Amanda rigs her with a device that goes around her neck and is connected to John’s heart rate monitor. i.e. When he dies she dies. The doctor, Lynn Denlon (Bahar Soomekh) does what she is told and keeps Jigsaw alive and to the best of her ability. At one point she has to cut into John’s skull and remove a piece of skull since his brain is swelling due to the cancer in his head.

All the while their other victim, a man by the name of Jeff (Angus Macfadyen) who is still plagued by the death of his young son, at the hands of a young man’s uncontrolled vehicle. This time they give Jeff the chance to save those who would not help his son and put away his killer. The first is the young woman who had witnessed the accident, and she is locked nude in a cooler. Jeff is given the option to save her and forgive her if he will only reach for a key behind some pipes as she is sprayed with water and frozen. Jeff’s conscience only kicks in after she is long dead and frozen, he lets himself out of the room with the key and moves onto the next challenge.

Jeff moves onto the next room where he finds the judge who passed the light sentence on his son’s murderer. The Judge is laying face up in a large vat held down by a chain around his neck, what happens next is a conveyor belt starts dropping dead pigs into the vat next to him and the saws below start chopping and pureeing their bodies. The pureed pork then shoots from the vat of saws into the Judge’s vat and slowly fills up the vat. All Jeff has to do to free the judge is go to the incinerator and start it up destroying many of his son’s treasured toys and items leaving only the key to the chain behind. Jeff stares into the incinerator and finally pushes the button and retrieves the key. He then jumped into the vat of pig puree and pulls the Judge to safety.

They move onto the next room where the killer is in a rack ala Princess Bride. Jeff and the Judge try to see what they can do to save the man, but the only way is to put themselves in danger by pulling at a key in a case where the key is hooked up to a shotgun trigger. While the Judge tries to free the man as the machine starts its work of twisting each limb one by one, Jeff works on the key in the case and discovers that he can free the key from the hook without causing the shotgun to go off, but his plan backfires when the shotgun goes off anyways and kills the Judge who was in the gun’s path. As Jeff works to find and lock that the key fits into more of the man’s limbs are twisted to the point where bones shards come protruding out of his skin and finally as Jeff says he forgives the man the last twist of the machine snaps the man’s neck.

All this while Dr. Denlon is working to keep Jigsaw alive while Jeff works to complete his test. There are some moments of Jigsaw holding the doctor’s hand, telling her that she is important to him and Amanda becomign quite jealous at seeing this scene. She then proceeds to sit at her bed and cut her leg in a form of self flagellation at her study of Jigsaw’s work and her love and adoration of him.

In the end, it is revealed that the real person who is being tested is Jigsaw’s apprentice, Amanda. All the while he has been telling her that the Dr. was important to him, and therefore important to Amanda since she was part of his life. In the final scene Amanda, points her gun at Dr. Denlon and we see Jeff coming in the door on the side of the work room with a gun that Jigsaw had laid out for him after completing his test.

Dr. Denlon runs for the door and Amanda shoots her sideways and she falls into Jeff’s arms, her husband’s arms. Jeff takes aim and shoots Amanda in the neck and she falls down eyes wide open at John, her master. He reaches his hand out to her and only at the end does she try to reach for him as she dies. Jeff lays Dr. Denlon down on the wall, while Jigsaw gives him the option he has. He can either kill Jigsaw for hurting his wife or he can forgive Jigsaw and walk out with his wife and take her to safety. Jeff tells Jigsaw he forgives him and then slices his throat and as John dies, his heart rate drops and Lynn screams to Jeff before having her head blown off as Jigsaw’s heart stops. In one last game, John plays the tape in his hand and a new game is started for Jeff. He learns that if he would have firgiven John and left him to save his wife, John would have given him the location of his daughter whom they kidnapped earlier.

All in all, an excellent movie. In the theatre after the first scene the entire crowd clapped at the return of this series. Now we must all sit back and await next year’s Saw IV.

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