Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Twilight - Stephenie MeyerOkay I bought this book on the recommendation of a few people most notably (because I love her dearly), Lorraine. I was a little bit skeptical mostly because the local bookstore only sold it in hardcover for $25 CDN and I rarely buy hardcover unless I know I will love and adore the book (in this case I do).

The main plot of this book is the age old theme of star crossed lovers, which gets to everyone no matter who they might be. The story starts off with Isabella Swan telling the reader what has happened and reflecting upon her life as she is about to die at the hands of a predator. Flashback to the start of the Isabella’s trip to her father’s home in Forks, WA so that she can live with him during her last half-year (two semesters) of high school rather than move to Florida or somewhere else with her mom and her new minor baseball league boyfriend. She arrives in Forks to a new and free vehicle thanks to her dad, whom behind his back she calls Charlie.

To put it simply Bella (as she prefers to be called) hates Forks, she cries herself to sleep, misses her mom and more so the sun. ( I personally would love Forks, since I dislike the sun and I love the rain; I will be an on-site correspondent for Ms. Meyers about life in Forks :D)

On her first week of school she does it all, she becomes one of the most wanted people, she gets the attentions of two boys at minimum, and makes an impression on the cool kids most notably on Edward Cullen. The Cullens (Edward, Alice, Emmett) / Hales (Rosalie, Jasper) are all the adopted children of Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife, Esme. They are also the cool kids you used to see in your high school cafeteria who sit at the one table all by themselves completely enraptured in themselves. There is just one difference, they are beyond good looking, they are exotic, extremely beautiful and have a somewhat supernatural aura around them. Bella feels this from the first day she sees them and then when she has Biology class with her new lab partner, Edward who avoids her like the plague and gives her the glares of death.

The book continues as such, until Edward goes away for a week and then returns to Forks and begins to befriend Bella, and slowly get closer to her. As always though Edward is saving Bella from her doom, either by fate’s hands, a fishtailing vehicle or ultimately by Edward’s own hand. I would say more about the book, but that might involve serious spoilers for those who have yet to read the book. Overall the book is truly a young adult novel with the typical romance, and strong heroine and heroes, but still it is rather enjoyable and brings back emotions of young and innocent love that we have all experienced (or for some of the younger readers, emotions we have yet to experience).

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