Ookfest 2006

Well I nearly went to OokFest 2006 alone, but my darling cousin Tessa didn’t fail me and we hung out there and had some good clean fun. We went later in the day to avoid the heat and catch all the headliners, that and we are of the belief that music is more enjoyable in the dark where you can hide out in the pits or field, stands, etc and no one knows who you are. Getting in was fun for me since I had brought my bag and there was a big sign that said “No Bags Allowed” and then I had to pull everything out of my pockets, and the guy checked my bag and called it my ‘super purse” and let me keep my recently opened bottle of water, since they would throw it out otherwise. I did get to skip being frisked though, so that was good.

First up we caught Idle Sons on the Molson Canadian stage and they were not bad, Tessa and I agreed that the lead singer was hot (and oh he was!). Then after being approached and hit on by some guys during the set we ran off and told them we were going to get drinks and then made sure to avoid them the rest of the day.

Next was Danko Jones (Coors Light stage), and his set was okay. Tessa and I laughed at his commentary throughout the set, especially about the smoke machine smelling and that they were not Coldplay or U2 so they did not need it.

Then Thornley (Molson) came on and they just ripped their set, they went into an extended version of Come Again with a Sunday, Bloody Sunday (U2) medley in between.

Next was Yellowcard (Coors) and they were not bad, we loved the violinist Sean and his stage prescence aka him hopping around the stage and dancing and making faces.

Last was Metric (Molson) (the one band I really wanted to see) and Emily was so awesome. I had never heard her speak before and she has this little girly voice that throws you off especially when she says “How are all you mother fuckers in the fight doing?”. That little girl has a dirty mouth 🙂 They started with Empty and then they did (in no particular order): Poster Of A Girl, Patriarch On A Vespa, Rock Me Now, Glass Ceiling, The Police And The Private, Rock Me Now (and a few others) and they ended the show with an extended Dead Disco. Emily kept telling the crowd to look at the moon (it was seriously yellowed and low) and then she would retort with “okay don”t fucking look at the moon”. She also got to take a big smelly shoe and a credit card home with her since they got tossed on stage during their set.

Tessa and I were pretty close to the stage, we were right on the outside of the pit and everyone kept asking us to go up or help them up. One guy fell right by me and he hit me in the head with his leg. By the end of the show Tessa and I were holding hands to not be seperated or hit on. All in all it was pretty fun, but next year we are going to leave our bags in the vehicle and go into the pit, so look out OokFest 2007. Sorry no pictures this time, since my camera is shit and I couldn”t steal my company’s new digital cameras.

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